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Blood Clot in Lung at Central & Northeastern PA Geisinger/Danville

A blood clot in the lung (aka pulmonary embolism) usually occurs when a blood clot forms in another part of the body, often the leg, and travels to the lung artery. It can cause damage to your lung tissue, low oxygen levels in your blood, and damage to other parts of the body as well. The treatment of the embolism is to stop the clot from getting any bigger and prevent new clots from forming while the clot dissolves or you are medicated to speed the process. Rarely, surgery will be used to remove the clot or a vena cava filter will be inserted in your body to prevent clots from reaching your lungs.

The following information, compares treatment costs & outcomes for Blood Clot in Lung at Central & Northeastern PA Geisinger/Danville Hospital to Pennsylvania's regional & statewide data on similar treatments*.

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    Readmission Rating  
Year Total Cases Length of Stay For Any Reason For Complication or Infection
Average # of days Rating Mortality Rating Average Charge
2009  119 3.4 $27993 
2008  104 3.5 $27207 
2007  113 3.7 $25607 
2006  85 3.4 $21447 
2005  79 3.1 $17356 
2004  92 3.4 $17511 
2003  78 4.0 $14199 

Significantly higher than expected.

Not significantly different than expected.

Significantly lower than expected.

NR Not reported.

NC Non-compliant.

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*About the data: Data has been compiled from PA Health Care Cost Containment Council's Public Hospital Performance Report.